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Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, 27 (SIBGRAPI)


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26-30 Aug. 2014

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None of the works published by IEEE have been inserted in the SIBGRAPI Digital Library Archive. The 45 missing works are listed below:

Parallel Shortest Path Algorithm for Voronoi Diagrams with Generalized...doi
Visualization and Analysis of Parallel Dataflow Execution with Smart...doi
3D Face Reconstruction from Video Using 3D Morphable Model and...doi
A Fast Feature Tracking Algorithm for Visual Odometry and Mapping...doi
A Nested Hierarchy of Localized Scatterplotsdoi
A Parallel Framework for Video Super-Resolutiondoi
A Sketch-Based Modeling Framework Based on Adaptive Meshesdoi
Automatic Detection of Fovea in Retinal Images Using Fusion of Color...doi
Automatic Segmentation of Specular Reflections for Endoscopic Images...doi
Brain Mapping and Interpretation of Reading Processing in Children Using...doi
Cloth Simulation with Triangular Mesh Adaptivitydoi
Conveyor Belt X-ray CT Using Domain Constrained Discrete Tomographydoi
Evolutionary Optimization Applied for Fine-Tuning Parameter Estimation in...doi
Extending Face Identification to Open-Set Face Recognitiondoi
Face Sketch Recognition from Local Featuresdoi
Forensic Facial Reconstruction Using Mesh Template Deformation with...doi
Fuzzy Inference Methods Applied to the Learning Competence Measure in...doi
Graph Based Characterization of Microcirculation in Sepsis Using...doi
Helmet Detection on Motorcyclists Using Image Descriptors and Classifiersdoi
High-Quality Reverse Tone Mapping for a Wide Range of Exposuresdoi
Image-Based Streamsurfacesdoi
Improved Residual DPCM for HEVC Lossless Codingdoi
Improving Divide-and-Conquer Ray-Tracing Using a Parallel Approachdoi
Improving On-Patient Medical Data Visualization in a Markerless...doi
Instanced Rendering of Massive CAD Models Using Shape Matchingdoi
Interactive Object Class Segmentation for Mobile Devicesdoi
Learning Kernels for Support Vector Machines with Polynomial Powers of...doi
Learning to Annotate Clothes in Everyday Photos: Multi-modal, Multi-label,...doi
Oriented Relative Fuzzy Connectedness: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications...doi
Portable Digital in-Line Holography Platform for Sperm Cell Visualization...doi
Pre-alignment for Co-registration in Native Spacedoi
Procedural Generation of 3D Canyonsdoi
Segmentation of Pigmented Melanocytic Skin Lesions Based on Learned...doi
Semantically Aware Dynamic Layoutsdoi
Semi-supervised Learning for Relevance Feedback on Image Retrieval...doi
Semi-supervised Pattern Classification Using Optimum-Path Forestdoi
Simplified Training for Gesture Recognitiondoi
SPH Fluids for Viscous Jet Bucklingdoi
Statistical Learning Approach for Robust Melanoma Screeningdoi
Superpixel-Based Interactive Classification of Very High Resolution Imagesdoi
Tampering Detection of Audio-Visual Content Using Encrypted Watermarksdoi
Unsupervised Hyperspectral Band Selection Based on Spectral Rhythm...doi
Vehicle License Plate Recognition With Random Convolutional Networksdoi
Visualization of Music Collections Based on Structural Content Similaritydoi
WebcamPaperPen: A Low-Cost Graphics Tabletdoi