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Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, 16 (SIBGRAPI)


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12-15 Oct. 2003

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Not all of the works published by IEEE have been inserted in the SIBGRAPI Digital Library Archive. The 51 missing works are listed below:

An approximation for normal vectors of deformable modelsdoi
A hole-filling strategy for reconstruction of smooth surfaces in range imagesdoi
Moving least squares multiresolution surface approximationdoi
Fast stellar mesh simplificationdoi
Reliable algorithms for ray intersection in computer graphics based on...doi
A topological framework for advancing front triangulationdoi
Reconstruction using surface dedicated tensorial fielddoi
A non-self-intersection Douglas-Peucker algorithmdoi
The language LinF for fractal specificationdoi
Creating and editing curves on subdivision surfacesdoi
Graphic simulation for virtual prototyping with Java3Ddoi
A rules-based model used to describe group dynamics for gamesdoi
RZSweep: a new hardware-assisted volume-rendering technique for regular...doi
Work distribution for parallel ZSweep algorithmdoi
Frequency plot and relevance plot to enhance visual data explorationdoi
A sketch-based collaborative design systemdoi
An interaction model for scientific visualization using sounddoi
Picking and snapping for 3D input devicesdoi
Automatically choosing source color images for coloring grayscale imagesdoi
Object retrieval in image databases using image compositiondoi
Effective image retrieval by shape saliencesdoi
Exploration and search-by-similarity in CBIRdoi
Using efficient visual exploration techniques to evaluate features for...doi
An image retrieval method based on factor analysisdoi
Secure authentication watermarking for binary imagesdoi
Image morphing applied to 3D reconstruction of coronal loopsdoi
Informed embedding for multibit watermarkingdoi
Design of order statistic filters from examplesdoi
Area fractions by linear analysis of intensity level histogramsdoi
2-D histogram-based segmentation of postal envelopesdoi
Texture segmentation considering multiband, multiresolution and affine...doi
Blood vessels segmentation in nonmydriatic images using wavelets and...doi
Automatic shadow segmentation in aerial color imagesdoi
Multiscale image segmentation using wavelets and watershedsdoi
Image inpainting and denoising by nonlinear partial differential equationsdoi
A novel photometric motion approachdoi
Learning-based versus model-based log-polar feature extraction operators: a...doi
Robust multiview range image registrationdoi
Evaluating the conventional and class-modular architectures feedforward...doi
Semiautomatic hysteroscopic video summarizationdoi
Regularized pel-recursive motion estimation using generalized cross-validation...doi
Video transition detection using string matching: preliminary resultsdoi
Object segmentation in image sequences by watershed from markers: a...doi
Sulcal lines extraction for cortex characterization in cerebral MR images...doi
Helical CT reconstruction from wide cone-beam angle data using ARTdoi
Multiscale detection of linear features in speckled imagerydoi
Segmentation of images of yeast cells by scale-space analysisdoi
Quantized features for gesture recognition using high speed vision cameradoi
Image feature extraction for application of biometric identification of iris - a...doi
Visual speech recognition: a solution from feature extraction to words...doi
A computer vision framework for eye gaze trackingdoi


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1. Full Paper (1)

Corresponding Geometric Distorted Images using an Uncertainty Inference Method
Silva, J. D. S.; Simoni, P. O.

2003 - How to cite?

2. Master's or Doctoral Works (1)

Captura de histórico de imagens
Braga, J. C.; Banon, G. J. F.

2003 - How to cite?



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