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A Simple Framework for Natural Animation of Digitized Models
de Aguiar, E.; Zayer, R.; Theobalt, C.; Magnor, M.; Seidel, H.-P.

Temporal-PEx: similarity-based visualization of time series
Alencar, A. B.; Oliveira, M. C. F.; Paulovich, F. V.; Minghim, R.; Andrade, M. G.

A Simplified Approach for Animation of Deformable Objects
Alzamora, G. S.; Atencio, Y. P.; Esperança, C.

Hardware-Assisted Point-Based Volume Rendering of Tetrahedral Meshes
Anderson, E. W.; Callahan, S. P.; Scheidegger, C. E.; Schreiner, J. M.; Silva, C. T.

Seed-relative segmentation robustness of watershed and fuzzy connectedness approaches
Audigier, R.; Lotufo, R. A.

Multiresolution Elastic Medical Image Registration in Standard Intensity Scale
Bagci, U.; Bai, L.

An opto-mechanical apparatus for binocular Helmholtz stereopsis in static and dynamic scenes
Barros, W. F.; Carceroni, R. L.; Queiroz-Neto, J. P.; Coelho, L.

An opto-mechanical apparatus for binocular helmholtz stereopsis in static and dynamic scenes
Barros, W. F.; Carceroni, R. L.; Queiroz-Neto, J. P.; Coelho, L.

Improved Real-Time Shadow Mapping for CAD Models
Barroso, V. B. R. B.; Celes Filho, W.

Quantitative analysis of SPECT myocardial perfusion and assessment of myocardium defect regions through image processing techniques
Barros, R. C.; Oliveira, L. F.; Simões, M. V.

Automatic Texture Segmentation Based on k-means Clustering and Co-occurrence Features
Bastos, L.; Conci, A.

Application-independent accurate mouse placements on surfaces of arbitrary geometry
Batagelo, H. C.; Shin Ting, W.

Visually Improved Understanding of Three-Dimensionally Propagating Electromagnetic Fields in Wireless Networks
Bendz, J. E.; Fernandes, H. G.; Zuffo, M. K.

Multilayer Perceptron Classifier Combination for Identification of Materials on Noisy Soil Science Multispectral Images
Breve, F. A.; Júnior, M. P. P.; Mascarenhas, N. D. D.

Message in a Bottle: Stylized Rendering of Sand Movies
Britto Neto, L. S.; Carvalho, B. M.

Improvement in SAR Image Classification using Adaptive Stack Filters
Buemi, M. E.; Mejail, M.; Jacobo, J.; Gambini, J.

A Probabilistic Approach to Skin Detection
Cardoso, F. H. B.; Gomes, H. M.

Soft Segmentation for Comparative Image Editing
Corbo, A. R.

Construction Of Georeferenced Mosaics Using Small Format Aerial Images
Cordeiro, N. H.; Carvalho, B. M.

An Exact and Efficient Algorithm for the Orthogonal Art Gallery Problem
Couto, M. C.; Souza, C. C.; Rezende, P. J.

Shape-aware as rigid as possible deformation
Cuno, A.; Esperança, C.; Oliveira, A.; Cavalcanti, P. R.

Cerebral tissue segmentation using q-entropy in multiple sclerosis magnetic resonance images
Diniz, P. R. B.; Júnior, L. O. M.; Santos, A. C.

Memory Organization for Invariant Object Recognition and Categorization
Donatti, G. S.; Würtz, R. P.

White blood cell segmentation using morphological operators and scale-space
Dorini, L. B.; Minetto, R.; Leite, N. J.

A New Method for Detection of Active Brain Regions with Event-Related fMRI Time Series Analysis
Duque, J. J.; Sturzbecher, M. J.; Araújo, D. B.; Felipe, J. C.

Frontal Sinus Recognition Using Image Foresting Transform and Shape Context
Falguera, J. R.; Falguera, F. P. S.; Marana, A. N.

Application of Computer Graphics to Headlights Dynamic Simulation Tests
Faria, A. W. C.; Araujo, A. A.

A Computer-Aided System for Indexing People in Historical Images
Flam, D. L.; Oliveira, C. J. S.; Araújo, A. A.

A Practical Approach on Human Authentication Using Biometrics
Fornazin, M.; Netto Junior, D. B. S.; Cavenaghi, M. A.

Semi-Supervised Support Vector Rainfall Estimation Using Satellite Images
Freitas, G. M.; Avila, A. M. H.; Papa, J. P.

Robust and Adaptive Surface Reconstruction using Partition of Unity Implicits
Gois, J. P.; Polizelli-Junior, V.; Etiene, T.; Tejada, E.; Castelo, A.; Ertl, T.; Nonato, L. G.

Multiple mice tracking using a combination of Particle Filter and K-Means
Gonçalves, W. N.; Monteiro, J. B. O.; Silva, J. A.; Machado, B. B.; Odakura, V.; Pistori, H.

Graph-based Object Tracking Using Structural Pattern Recognition
Graciano, A. B. V.; Cesar-Jr, R. M.; Bloch, I.

Comparison of Three Different Derivative Approaches Aiming at Estimation of Image Movement
Higa, M.; Rebelo, M. S.; Santos, C. S.; Gutierrez, M. A.

Dental Biometrics: Human Identification Based On Dental Work Information
Hofer, M.

Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction using the Discontinuity Adaptive ICM
Homem, M. R. P.; Martins, A. L. D.; Mascarenhas, N. D.

A Statistical Approach for Image Interpolation
Homem, M. R. P.; Mascarenhas, N. D.

Analyzing polarimetric imagery with G0p mixture models and SEM algorithm
Horta, M. M.; Mascarenhas, N. D.; Frery, A. C.

Wrapper Approach to Select a Subset of Color Components for Image Segmentation with Photometric Variations
Jorge, L. A. C.; Ruiz, H. S.; Ferreira, E. J.; Gonzaga, A.

Data Hiding for Binary Documents Robust to Print-Scan, Photocopy and Geometric Distortions
Kim, H. Y.; Mayer, J.

A learning-based eye detector coupled with eye candidate filtering and PCA features
Leite, B. B.; Pereira, E. T.; Gomes, H. M.; Veloso, L. R.; Santos, C.; Nascimento, E.; de Carvalho, J. M.

Interactive 3D Scanning Without Tracking
Leotta, M. J.; Vandergon, A.; Taubin, G.

Estimation of non-homogeneous Potts-Strauss MRF model parameters on higher-order neighborhood systems by maximum pseudo-likelihood
Levada, A. L. M.; Mascarenhas, N. D.

Detection of Generic Conic Form Parameters Using Hough Transform
Macedo, M. M. G.; Conci, A.

Efficient viewshed computation on external memory DEM terrains
Magalhães, M.; Magalhães, S.; Alvim, M. V.

Automatic Eye Localization in Color Images
Maia, J. G. R.; Gomes, F. C.; Souza, O.

Geodesic Bézier Curves: a Tool for Modeling on triangulations
Martínez Morera, D.; Carvalho, P. C.; Velho, L.

Cardiac Phase Detection in Intravascular Ultrasound Images
Matsumoto, M. M. S.; Lemos, P. A.; Yoneyama, T.; Furuie, S. S.

Illumination Normalization Methods for Face Recognition
Mendonça, M. M.; Denipote, J. G.; Fernandes, R. A. S.; Paiva, M. S. V.

Rotation-Invariant and Scale-Invariant Steerable Pyramid Decomposition for Texture Image Retrieval
Montoya-Zegarra, J. A.; Leite, N. J.; Torres da Silva, R.

3DbyStep: A Tool For Authoring 3D Presentations
Nogueira, E. T.; Esperança, C.; Bursztyn, V. S.

Total Cholesterol Determination Using Digital Image Processing
Oliveira, L. L. G.; Oliveira, P. L. P.; Francescantonio, P. L. C.; Albuquerque, E. S.

A New Approach for Creating Polar Maps of Three-Dimensional Cardiac Perfusion Images
Oliveira, L. F.; Zanchet, B. A.; Barros, R. C.; Simões, M. V.

Color Mathematical Morphology Based on Partial Ordering of Spectra
d'Ornellas, M. C.; Costa, J. A. T. B.

3D Atlas Building in the Context of Head and Neck Radiotherapy Based on Dense Deformation Fields
Parraga, A.; Susin, A. A.; Pettersson, J.; Macq, B.; Craene, M. D.

Bipartite graph matching for video clip localization
Patrocínio Júnior, Z. K. G.; Guimarães, S. J. F.; de Paula, H. B.

The Projection Explorer: A Flexible Tool for Projection-based Multidimensional Visualization
Paulovich, F. V.; Oliveira, M. C. F.; Minghim, R.

Application of image restoration algorithms in vibro-acoustography images
Perciano, T.; Mascarenhas, N. D. D.; Frery, A. C.; Silva, G. T.

A Restoration and Extrapolation Iterative Method for Band-limited Fluorescence Microscopy Image
Ponti Junior, M. P.; Mascarenhas, N. D. A.; Suazo, C. A. T.

Augmented Reality for Life Support Training
Pretto, F.; Manssour, I. H.; Silva, E. R.; Lopes, M. H. I.; Pinho, M. S.

Improved Reversible Mapping from Color to Gray
Queiroz, R. L.

Memory-Aware and Efficient Ray-Casting Algorithm
Ribeiro, S.; Maximo, A.; Bentes, C.; Oliveira, A.; Farias, R.

New tensorial representation of color images: tensorial morphological gradient applied to color image segmentation
Rittner, L.; Flores, F.; Lotufo, R.

Local scale for boundary shape description: application in locating landmarks automatically
Rueda, S.; Udupa, J. K.; Bai, L.

On the Simulation of Ocean Waves in Real-Time Using the GPU
Salgado, A.; Conci, A.

On the Simulation of Ocean Waves in Real-Time Using the GPU
Salgado, A.; Conci, A.

Feature selection with equalized salience measures and its application to segmentation
Santos, D. P.; Batista, J.

itkFlowRun: a Visual Programming Tool for ITK Image Filters
Santos, D. F.; Costa, E. T.; Gutierrez, M. A.

Two-stage binary image operator design: an approach based on interaction information
Santos, C. S.; Hirata, N. S. T.; Hirata Junior, R. H.

Automated Segmentation of the Corpus Callosum Midsagittal Surface Area
Seixas, F. L.; Saade, D. C. M.; Souza, A. S.; Santos, A. A. S. M. D.

Improved Inference for the GA0 Distribution
Silva, M. F.; Cribari-Neto, F.; Frery, A.

Unsupervised identification of coherent motion in video
Silva, L. S.; Scharcanski, J.

Natural Computing Techniques for Data Clustering and Image Segmentation
Souza, J. G.; Costa, J. A. F.

Processing of Digital Images of Cutaneous Ulcers Through Artificial Neural Network
Tarallo, A. S.; Gonzaga, A.; Frade, M. A. C.

Geometry Textures
Toledo, R.; Wang, B.; Levy, B.

MUAN: Animation for the rest of us
Varela, M. C.; Velho, L.; Bezerra, H.; Madeira, B.; Magalhães, M.