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             abstract = "We present a simplified approach for animation of geometrically 
                         complex deformable objects represented as tetrahedral meshes. Our 
                         prototype system detects and responds to collisions of objects 
                         subject to elastic deformations of variable stiffness. The 
                         proposed approach combines several techniques, namely, collision 
                         detection using a spatial hashed grid {Teschner2003}, consistent 
                         penetration depth using propagation {Heidelberger2004}, contact 
                         surface computed according to {Spillman2005} and projection 
                         {Jakobsen2001}, the animation is based in a modal analysis scheme 
                         using an explicit-implicit integrator as in {Muller2005}. 
                         Preliminary results show that collisions between objects 
                         containing several thousand tetrahedra can be animated in 
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