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             abstract = "Nowadays, due to GPU processing power, it is possible to use 
                         advanced rendering techniques with great realism in real-time 
                         applications. This work simulates the ocean wave behavior 
                         processing all geometric computation and rendering in GPU. The 
                         shape is defined by the Gerstnerīs equation considering the 
                         movement of each particles of water. The deep sea topology is 
                         considered. It is possible to tackles the representation in deep 
                         water as well as in shallow water. The ocean floor profoundness 
                         and inclination influence on the shape and form of the particle 
                         displacement are considered. The model represents also the wave 
                         refraction and the wind or gale effect on the wave. This novel 
                         approach simulates the breaking waves near the shore. The 
                         real-time rendering technique implemented in this work uses 
                         combinations of advanced tangent-space reflective bump mapping and 
                         environment mapping plus Fresnel reflection and HDR.",
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