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                         based on k-means clustering technique and cooccurrence texture 
                         features. A set of up to eight features were extracted from a 256 
                         grey-level co-occurrence information. These features were used to 
                         segment image regions regarding the textural homogeneity of its 
                         areas. As the process of calculating co-occurrence information 
                         demands the majority of computational time required,we propose a 
                         new methodology based on a grey-level cooccurrence indexed list 
                         (GLCIL) for fast element access and highly optimize this step in 
                         the algorithm. Besides that, we compare the efficiency of the 
                         proposed method against the GLCM and GLCLL algorithms. The GLCIL 
                         shows to be the most efficient method in terms of computational 
                         time. Additionally, traditional Brodatz textures and others 
                         examples of the literature were tested to evaluate the 
                         appropriateness and robustness of the method.",
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