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             abstract = "This is a work in progress, presenting concepts and techniques 
                         directly related to the practical use of the Fuzzy Vault Scheme 
                         (FVS) biometrics cryptosystem on human authentication using 
                         biometrics. Many applications handle confidential information from 
                         their users. These information need to be handled in a secure way. 
                         One way of handling information securely is through cryptography, 
                         where the use of passwords is a common practice. Passwords are the 
                         weakest link on a conventional cryptosystem, because passwords can 
                         be easily copied or stolen. Biometrics is a way to overcome issues 
                         regarded the usage of passwords. Biometrics signals are more 
                         secure, but they also need to be protected. To protect biometrics 
                         signals one can use cryptography based on biometrics keys. But, 
                         due to the variability of the biometrics signal, biometrics cannot 
                         be directly used as cryptographic keys of a traditional 
                         cryptosystem. Cryptosystems that address to overcome these issues 
                         are called Biometrics Cryptosystems.",
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