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             abstract = "Treatments of leg ulcers are generally make by direct manipulation 
                         for analysis of its evolution. The treatment efficiency is 
                         observed through the reduction of the size of ulcers in relation 
                         to the amount of tissues found in their beds, which are classified 
                         as granulated/slough. These results usually are obtained through 
                         analyses performed after consultation due to the time these 
                         analyses take. This work proposes a new non-invasive technique for 
                         the follow-up of treatments aimed at cutaneous ulcers. In this 
                         methodology, it was proposed that digital photos of cutaneous 
                         ulcers would be submitted to an artificial neural network, so that 
                         all surrounding the wound except for the wound itself could be 
                         extracted (skin/background), thus obtaining the ulcerated area. 
                         Computer vision techniques have been applied in order to classify 
                         the different types of tissues in the ulcer bed. The results 
                         obtained have been compared with the results obtained by Image J 
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