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                         There is no natural way to order colors (being triplets of 
                         scalars). A lot of different ordering relations have been proposed 
                         in the literature, most on an ad-hoc basis. In this paper, we 
                         propose an ordering relation for colors that is based on the 
                         natural (i.e. physically plausible) ordering of spectra. 
                         Therefore, we ensure that the ordering is independent of the 
                         chosen color parameterization. We discuss that part of 
                         colorimetric theory that enables us to reconstruct the spectrum 
                         given the three color parameters. Furthermore, we present the very 
                         basics of the algebraic framework of mathematical morphology. This 
                         allows us to embed the presented ordering of colors within the 
                         morphological framework such that we can fully exploit the 
                         possibilities to define morphological image operators working on 
                         color images.",
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