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             abstract = "Cell segmentation is a challenging problem due to both the complex 
                         nature of the cells and the uncertainty present in video 
                         microscopy. Manual methods for this purpose are onerous, imprecise 
                         and highly subjective, thus requiring automated methods that 
                         perform this task in an objective and efficient way. In this 
                         paper, we propose a novel method to segment nucleus and cytoplasm 
                         of white blood cells (WBC). WBC composition of the blood provides 
                         important information to doctors and plays an important role in 
                         the diagnosis of different diseases. We use simple morphological 
                         operators and explore the scale-space properties of a toggle 
                         operator to improve the segmentation accuracy. The proposed scheme 
                         has been successfully applied to a large number of images, showing 
                         promising results for varying cell appearance and image quality, 
                         encouraging future works.",
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