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             abstract = "Segmentation is a crucial step in Computer Vision in which texture 
                         plays an important role. The existence of a large amount of 
                         methods from which texture can be computed is, sometimes, a hurdle 
                         to overcome when it comes to modeling solutions for texture-based 
                         segmentation. Following the excellence of the natural vision 
                         system and its generality, this work has adopted a feature 
                         selection method based on salience of synaptic connections of a 
                         Multilayer Perceptron neural network. Unlike traditional 
                         approaches, this paper introduces an equalization scheme to 
                         salience measures which contributed to significantly improve the 
                         selection of the most suitable features and, hence, yield better 
                         segmentation. The proposed method is compared with exhaustive 
                         search according to the Jeffrey-Matusita distance criterion. 
                         Segmentation for images of natural scenes has also been provided 
                         as a probable application of the method.",
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