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             abstract = "In this paper we present a methodology to build a computational 
                         anatomical atlas based on the analysis of dense deformation fields 
                         recovered by the Morphons non-rigid registration algorithm. The 
                         anatomical atlas construction procedure is based on the 
                         minimization of the effort required to register the whole database 
                         to a reference. The suitability of our method is demonstrated for 
                         atlas construction of the head and neck anatomy. In this 
                         application, CT is the most frequently used modality for the 
                         segmentation of organs at risk and clinical target volume. One 
                         challenge brought by the use of CT images is the presence of 
                         important artefacts caused by dental implants. Such artefacts make 
                         the use of most atlas building techniques described in the 
                         literature impracticable in this context. The results have shown 
                         that our model is faithful for representing the shape variability 
                         presented in human nature with the advantage that our anatomical 
                         atlas does not have any degree of smoothness.",
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