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             abstract = "The choice of a color model is of great importance for many 
                         computer vision algorithms. However, there are many color models 
                         available; the inherent difficulty is how to automatically select 
                         a single color model or, alternatively, a subset of features from 
                         several color models producing the best result for a particular 
                         task. To achieve proper colors components selection, in this 
                         paper, it was proposed the use of wrapper method, a data mining 
                         approach, to obtain repeatability and distinctiveness in 
                         segmentation process. The result was compared with neural network 
                         method and yields good feature discrimination. The method was 
                         verified experimentally with 108 images from Amsterdam Library of 
                         Objects Images (ALOI) and 10 aerial images with different 
                         photometric conditions. Furthermore, it has shown that the color 
                         model selection scheme provides a proper balance between color 
                         invariance (repeatability) and discriminative power 
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