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             abstract = "Stylized rendering, usually referred as non-pho\-torealistic 
                         rendering, aims to reproduce artistic techniques in renderings, 
                         trying to express feelings and moods on the rendered scenes, as 
                         opposed to realistic rendering techniques, that aim to produce 
                         realistic renderings of artificial scenes. In this paper, we 
                         present a stylized rendering technique that aims to create 
                         synthetic sand-filled bottles, simulating a typical art craft from 
                         the Northeastern region of Brazil, that usually depicts landscape 
                         images. A method for generating 2D procedural sand textures is 
                         presented, and two new techniques that mimic effects created by 
                         the artists using their tools are introduced. The technique is 
                         also used to generate stylized videos, something close to 
                         impossible in real life with this technique. The temporal 
                         coherence within these stylized videos can be enforced on 
                         individual objects with the aid of a video segmentation algorithm. 
                         The techniques were used on synthetic and real videos, and several 
                         snapshots from these videos are shown here.",
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