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                         precision, after t iteration steps. The extremely simple 
                         incremental step of the algorithm makes it very attractive both 
                         for theoreticians and practitioners. A simplified proof for this 
                         convergence is given. This proof allows to show that the precision 
                         increases, in fact, even as O(u/t) with the number of iteration 
                         steps. Computer experiments, but not yet a proof, suggest that the 
                         u, which depends only on the data instance, is actually bounded by 
                         min{(2d)^0.5,(2n)^0.5}. If it holds, then the algorithm finds the 
                         smallest enclosing ball with epsilon precision in at most O(nd 
                         (d')^0.5 }/epsilon) time, with d=min{d,n}.",
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