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             abstract = "Scale dependent signal representations have proved to be useful in 
                         several image processing applications. In this paper, we define a 
                         toggle operator for binarization/segmentation purposes based on 
                         scaled versions of an image transformed by morphological 
                         operations. The toggle decision rule, determining the new value of 
                         a pixel, considers local spatial information, in contrast to other 
                         multiscale approaches that takes into account mainly global 
                         information (e.g., the scale signal under study). We show that the 
                         proposed operator can identify significant image extrema 
                         information in such a way that when it is used in a binarization 
                         process yields very good segmentation and filtering results. Our 
                         algorithm is validated against known threshold-based segmentation 
                         methods using images of different classes and subjected to 
                         different lighting conditions.",
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