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             abstract = "One of the main limitations of current remote eye gaze tracking 
                         (REGT) techniques is that the user's head must remain within a 
                         very limited area in front of the monitor screen. In this paper we 
                         present a free head motion REGT technique. By projecting a known 
                         rectangular pattern of lights, the technique estimates the gaze 
                         position relative to this rectangle using an invariant property of 
                         projective geometry. We carry extensive analysis of similar 
                         methods using an eye model to compare their accuracy. Based on 
                         these results, we propose a new estimation procedure that 
                         compensates the angular difference between the eye visual axis and 
                         optical axis. We have developed a real time (30 fps) prototype 
                         using a single camera and 5 light sources to generate the light 
                         pattern. Experimental results shows that the accuracy of the 
                         system is about 1 degree of visual angle.",
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