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             abstract = "Nowadays, a personal music collection may comprise thousands of 
                         MP3 files. Visualization can help the user to gain an overview and 
                         to find similar songs inside so large a set. We describe a method 
                         to create icons from audio files in such a way that songs which 
                         the user considers similar receive similar icons. This allows 
                         visual data mining in standard directory listings of window-based 
                         operating sys-tems. The icons consist of bloom-like shapes, whose 
                         form and color depend on eight parameters. These parameters are 
                         controlled through a neural net, the input of which are audio 
                         features that are extracted algorithmically from the MP3 files. To 
                         adapt the system to the users perception and interests, the neural 
                         net is initially trained with a small set of songs and icons. User 
                         studies done on the system demon-strate a strong perceptual 
                         relation between music and icons.",
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