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             abstract = "This paper describes a study regarding the use of image 
                         preprocessing techniques to improve the quality of fingerprints in 
                         digital images. We investigated and compared some low-pass 
                         filtering (Gaussian, median and anisotropic diffusion filtering) 
                         and contrast enhancement (histogram equalization and image 
                         normalization) techniques for identifying and extracting pores in 
                         high resolution images. Our study was conducted by using an 
                         automatic methodology for pore extraction in high resolution 
                         fingerprint images, in which we considered several combinations of 
                         filtering and contrast enhancement methods. Experiments were 
                         performed using a public fingerprint image set and compared the 
                         true pore and false pore detection rates of those combinations in 
                         relation to the ground-truth images. The results reported that the 
                         combination image normalization alongside anisotropic diffusion 
                         filtering yielded the best performance.",
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