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             abstract = "In this work we describe an approach to perform boolean operations 
                         between pure quad meshes obtaining as result a pure quad mesh 
                         preserving as much as possible the original quadrangulations of 
                         the inputs. For this purpose, we solve the boolean operation in a 
                         triangular version of the inputs with a robust triangle-based 
                         method and then solve a requadrangulation problem on portions of 
                         the mesh neighboring the intersection curves of the inputs. Our 
                         approach reduces the hard problem of requadrangulation in space to 
                         a 2D polygon subdivision problem into patches which are easier to 
                         quadrangulate. We propose a method based on partitioning polygon 
                         borders into monotonic chains in order to get appropriate patches 
                         that can be quadrangulated independently. As far as we know, this 
                         is the first work to tackle the problem of computing boolean 
                         operations of quad meshes without resorting to a full 
                         requadrangulation of the result mesh. Another important goal is to 
                         obtain a good edge flow near the intersection curves, a crucial 
                         feature for applications relying on quad meshes such as character 
                         animation modeling.",
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