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             abstract = "Object detection is a key task in computer vision since it is the 
                         first step in the pipeline of many applications such as person 
                         re-identification, vehicle identification, and face verification. 
                         Recently, the best performing object detectors have been achieved 
                         with deep learning and one common characteristic among them is 
                         that they are a very slow on ordinary hardware. Reported real time 
                         object detectors are usually measured with high-end GPUs, which is 
                         inappropriate for scenarios where energy efficiency and low costs 
                         are required. We were able to train a very light face detection 
                         architecture by greatly reducing the number of parameters and 
                         input size of a convolutional network. Our model is capable of 
                         performing inference in real time on a hardware as simple as a 
                         Raspberry Pi. Furthermore, when evaluated on a GPU, we were able 
                         to achieve up to 15,000 frames per second.",
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