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             abstract = "In this work we present the 3D modeling of turbiditic channels 
                         inside lobes using 2D images obtained through geostatistical 
                         multiple-point methods. We are assuming that these images can be 
                         interpreted as projections in the xy plane of the phenomenon. The 
                         proposed method consists of creating the turbidite lobe using the 
                         model proposed in [1]. Then the 2D images of the channels are 
                         projected onto the surface of the lobe. Finally, successive 
                         erosions of the image are layered and used to approximate the 
                         volume to the channel system. This process is of great importance 
                         to research and economics due to 90% of the reservoirs found in 
                         the Brazilian oil exploration scenario being turbidites as well as 
                         hard subjects to study. [2].",
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