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             abstract = "One of the main challenges in quadrilateral mesh generation is to 
                         ensure the alignment of the elements with respect to domain 
                         constraints. Unaligned meshes yield numerical problems in 
                         simulations that use these meshes as a domain discretization. 
                         There is no alignment metric for evaluating the quality of 
                         quadrilateral meshes. A directionality field represents the 
                         diffusion of the constraints orientation to the interior of the 
                         domain. Kowalski et al. use a directionality field for domain 
                         partitioning into quadrilateral regions. In this work, we 
                         reproduce their partitioning method and adapt it to reduce the 
                         final number of partitions. We also propose a new metric to 
                         evaluate the quality of a quadrilateral mesh with respect to the 
                         alignment with domain constraints.",
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