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             abstract = "Building Information Modeling (BIM) employs 3D CAD models as a 
                         central knowledge base for large-scale facility design, 
                         construction, and operation. Its growing information complexity 
                         calls upon innovative techniques for effective visual analysis and 
                         exploration. An important question remains: how to best display 
                         relevant information for different use cases throughout a 
                         facility's life cycle? This PhD thesis seeks to bridge this gap 
                         through both theoretical and practical approaches. We first 
                         present a systematic literature review on the current state of 
                         information visualization (VIS) in BIM research. Building upon 
                         these findings, we describe the design and evaluation of a novel 
                         4D system for virtual construction planning. Its unique 
                         visualizations make evident schedule uncertainties, workspace 
                         conflicts, and other constructability issues. The thesis 
                         contributes to BIM research with important visualization 
                         guidelines and also contributes to VIS research by raising 
                         awareness to interesting challenges in a increasingly relevant 
                         engineering domain.",
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