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             abstract = "Real-time rendering of high-quality shadows is a challenging 
                         problem in computer graphics. Shadow mapping is widely adopted for 
                         real-time shadow rendering, but introduces aliasing artifacts 
                         along the shadow silhouette and is not able to simulate the 
                         penumbra effect. Techniques that simulate penumbra are 
                         computationally expensive, providing performance far from real 
                         time. In this work, we present the revectorization-based shadow 
                         mapping, a technique that takes advantage of the camera-view 
                         resolution and the shadow silhouette shape to suppress shadow 
                         aliasing artifacts at little additional cost. Inspired by the 
                         superior visual quality obtained with the shadow silhouette 
                         revectorization, we extend the revectorization-based visibility 
                         function to propose a set of techniques that provide high- quality 
                         anti-aliasing for both shadow rendering and penumbra simulation. 
                         We further integrate the Euclidean distance transform into the 
                         revectorization-based visibility function to provide real-time 
                         performance for the penumbra simulation. The results, evaluated in 
                         terms of visual quality and rendering time, show that the proposed 
                         techniques produce less visual quality artifacts than related 
                         work, while keeping the real-time performance, mainly for the 
                         shadow rendering without the penumbra simulation.",
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