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             abstract = "The realistic representation of light within a computational 
                         domain is crucial in computer graphics applications (from the film 
                         industry to the computer games), however, it is not a trivial task 
                         and an extremely costly performance wise, in most cases, 
                         unfeasible to be performed in real time. Traditionally, realistic 
                         static scenes have been generated using ray tracing. For dynamic 
                         scenes, rendering algorithms at the GPU level have prioritized 
                         speed over quality to achieve interactive frame rates, with a 
                         drawback of generating undesirable visual artifacts. This work 
                         presents an innovative methodology for rendering in a hybrid way 
                         realistic scenes (both static and dynamic) at interactive rates. 
                         To generate reflections, it combines Screen Space Reflection (SSR) 
                         with ray tracing in GPU and, for shadows, it uses shadow maps 
                         and/or ray tracing. Systematic tests using varied scenarios (with 
                         flat, curved, rigid, and deformable objects) showed that this 
                         innovative methodology is able to generate high quality 
                         reflections at interactive rates (on average of 30 frames per 
                         second) in dynamic scenes, including multiple recursive rays.",
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