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                         information recorded by a Kinect sensor (RGB-D and skeleton joint 
                         data). We combine several ideas from rank pooling and skeleton 
                         optical spectra to generate dynamic images to summarize an action 
                         sequence into single flow images. We group our dynamic images into 
                         five groups: a dynamic color group (DC); a dynamic depth group 
                         (DD) and three dynamic skeleton groups (DXY, DYZ, DXZ). As action 
                         is composed of different postures along time, we generated N 
                         different dynamic images with the main postures for each dynamic 
                         group. Next, we applied a pre-trained flow-CNN to extract 
                         spatiotemporal features with a max-mean aggregation. The proposed 
                         method was evaluated on a public benchmark dataset, the UTD-MHAD, 
                         and achieved the state-of-the-art result.",
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