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             abstract = "The development of multimedia and network technologies strongly 
                         increase the interest on Internet broadcasting or streaming 
                         services, especially for soccer games. An example is the 2014 
                         World Cup soccer tournament that registered record-breaking 
                         audiences worldwide, providing attractive alternatives to 
                         traditional TV viewing. The confluence of video streaming and 
                         computational resources opens up many possibilities for 
                         applications such as the online detection of interesting events, 
                         strategy analysis, or statistics comparisons. While much research 
                         targets algorithms to detect match statistics, strategy, 
                         retrieval, and indexing, the problem of presenting such 
                         information to users is much less studied. This paper proposes a 
                         simple but effective visual metaphor to help users browse and get 
                         insight into sports matches, with a focus on soccer games. We 
                         extract video segments, based on audio and metadata, identifying 
                         the main events of a game. Next, we use such events to define a 
                         visual representation that preserves the time-order of the video 
                         sequence, highlighting the most important events. Our visual 
                         representation enables the quick finding of the main events, 
                         allowing users to improve navigation when exploring a match, and 
                         also provides a way to evaluate the quality of a game or entire 
                         tournaments. We demonstrate our approach by applying it to several 
                         matches of 2014 World Cup, analyzing its knockout stage and 
                         comparing the final match in six different languages.",
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