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                         characteristics. However, the recognition of a fingerprint may be 
                         influenced by a lot of factors (e.g., skin conditions, sensor 
                         conditions) and a matching algorithm is highly affected by the 
                         quality of the images involved. This work proposes a novel method 
                         for Fingerprint Quality Assessment (FQA) based on the analysis of 
                         the Gabor filters response on a fingerprint image. The correlation 
                         between the worst quality templates and the matching score has 
                         also been analyzed. The method is validated on FVC2000DB3, 
                         FVC2004DB2, FVC2004DB3, and FVC2006DB3 databases. This work was 
                         compared to other FQAs in order to evaluate performance and with 
                         different matching algorithms for fair comparison. The results 
                         found pointed that the proposed method is able to identify the 
                         images which most affect the error rates of an AFIS, better than 
                         the other methods presented in the literature.",
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