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             abstract = "Knowing the state of the disconnect switches in a power 
                         distribution substation is important to avoid accidents, damaged 
                         equipment, and service interruptions. This information is usually 
                         provided by human operators, who can commit errors because of the 
                         cluttered environment, bad weather or lighting conditions, or lack 
                         of attention. In this paper, we introduce an approach for 
                         determining the state of each switch in a substation, based on 
                         images captured by regular pan-tilt-zoom surveillance cameras. The 
                         proposed approach includes noise reduction, image registration 
                         using phase correlation, and classification using a convolutional 
                         neural network and a support vector machine fed with 
                         gradient-based descriptors. By combining information given in an 
                         initial labeling stage with image processing techniques to reduce 
                         variations in viewpoint, our approach achieved 100% accuracy on 
                         experiments performed at a real substation over multiple days. We 
                         also show how modifications to the standard phase correlation 
                         image registration algorithm can make it more robust to lighting 
                         variations, and how SIFT (Scale-Invariant Feature Transform) 
                         descriptors can be made more robust in scenarios where the 
                         relevant objects may be brighter or darker than the background.",
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