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                         open problem in information visualization. In particular, the 
                         constraints of spatial quality (cell aspect ratio) and stability 
                         (small treemap changes mandated by given tree-data changes) are 
                         hard to satisfy simultaneously. Most existing treemap methods 
                         focus on spatial quality, but are not inherently designed to 
                         address stability. We propose here a new treemapping method that 
                         aims to jointly optimize both these constraints. Our method is 
                         simple to implement, generic (handles any types of dynamic 
                         hierarchies), and fast. We compare our method with 14 state of the 
                         art treemaping algorithms using four quality metrics, over 28 
                         dynamic hierarchies extracted from evolving software codebases. 
                         The comparison shows that our proposal jointly optimizes spatial 
                         quality and stability better than existing methods.",
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