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                         used to implement several segmentation meth- ods, including 
                         watersheds and fuzzy connectedness, however the lack of 
                         regularization terms in its formulation leads to a potential 
                         irregular (jagged) segmentation. An attempt to avoid this issue is 
                         to employ shape constraints that favor more regular shapes. We 
                         present a novel shape constraint, called the Geodesic Band 
                         Constraint (GBC) and show how it can be efficiently incorporated 
                         in the Image Foresting Transform framework, with its proof of 
                         optimality in terms of an energy function, subject to the new 
                         constraint. This constraint helps us to improve the segmentation 
                         of regular objects. The GBC can be also used with a prior shape 
                         template in order to drive the segmentation towards a specific 
                         shape with a single parameter that controls the degrees of freedom 
                         of the allowed deformations subject to the model.",
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