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             abstract = "Human facial expressions are one of the most im-portant 
                         communication channels, being used with trust to betterunderstand 
                         ones state of mind in a variety of applications, forinstance, 
                         emotion recognition. As a result, various algorithms andmethods 
                         have been developed for facial expression recognition.On this 
                         context, we review the literature and conduct tests ondifferent 
                         algorithms regarding facial feature extraction, in orderto 
                         evaluate their performance on the BU-3DFE database. Thisdatabase 
                         was chosen because it is widely used and all emotionsare annotated 
                         for each image. Therefore BU-3DFE is suitable forthe proposed 
                         benchmarking. The best result was achieved by acombination of 
                         Eigenfaces and SVM as classifier.",
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