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             abstract = "The diagnosis of echocardiogram exam is a cumbersome process and 
                         requires much time of a specialist due to the identification of 
                         regions of interest as well as their measurements. The proposed 
                         objective aims to streamline the diagnostic process and provide a 
                         greater amount and quality of information to the specialist. This 
                         work presents an approach for automatic extraction of some of the 
                         measures that the exam provides, evaluating two different filters 
                         and the influence of them in the measures extraction, using a 
                         baseline, measurements made by a specialist. Important results 
                         were obtained, showing that 98% to 99% of the percentage of 
                         variation explained in the measures extraction process refers to 
                         pre-processing step, the proposed approach obtained 9% error 
                         reduction in compared to another solution implemented and using a 
                         combined approach, a 38% reduction of errors.",
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