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                         adaptive schemes for codec tuning would be worthwhile for 
                         maximising compression and, at the same time, avoiding quality 
                         loss, considering the diagnostic value of such images. However, 
                         ordinary visual quality metrics are not usually developed 
                         considering this specific context. In this paper, we present a 
                         system and a protocol for subjective data acquisition, which aims 
                         at the modelling of the quality assessment criteria applied by 
                         experts in the preliminary phase of a medical analysis. The system 
                         is implemented by using Python/PsychoPy, and the experimental 
                         protocol following ITU recommendations and criteria defined in the 
                         European Guidelines on Quality Criteria for Computed Tomography. 
                         Snapshots of the graphic user interface are exhibited, but 
                         emphasis is given on the proposed experimental procedure.",
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