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             abstract = "AbstractIn this thesis, we designed and developed approaches for 
                         solving Image and Video Phylogeny problem, in which we aim at 
                         finding the ancestral relationship between the near duplicates and 
                         the original source of images and videos. For images, we proposed 
                         approaches to deal with the phylogeny problem considering two main 
                         points: (i) the forest reconstruction, an important task when we 
                         consider scenarios in which there is a set of semantically similar 
                         images, but generated by different sources or at different times; 
                         and (ii) new measures for dissimilarity calculation between 
                         near-duplicates, given that it directly impacts the quality of the 
                         phylogeny reconstruction. For video phylogeny, we developed a new 
                         approach to temporally align two video sequences before 
                         calculating the dissimilarity between them as, in real-world 
                         conditions, a pair of videos can be temporally misaligned, one 
                         video can have some frames added or removed and compression can 
                         also take place, for instance.",
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