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             abstract = "This paper proposes a method to identify faces from a stereo 
                         camera. Our approach tries to avoid common problems that come with 
                         using only one camera that shall arise while detecting from a 
                         relatively unstable view in real world applications. The proposed 
                         approach exploits the use of a local binary pattern (LBP) to 
                         describe the faces in each image of the stereo camera, after 
                         detecting the face using the Viola- Jones method. LBP histogram 
                         feeds then multilayer perceptron (MLP) and support vector machine 
                         classifiers to identify the faces detected in each stereo image, 
                         considering a database of target faces. Computational cost problem 
                         due to the use of dual cameras are alleviated with the use of 
                         co-planar rectified images, achieved through calibration of the 
                         stereo camera. Performance is assessed using the well established 
                         Yale face dataset, and performance is assessed by using only one 
                         or both camera images.",
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