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                         color and depth (RGB-D) information. This kind of scheme requires 
                         specialized software and hardware (camera and depth sensor) which 
                         increases both financial and computational cost. Most of the 
                         public does not have access to such kind of technology due to 
                         these increased costs. Our ongoing study will be an approach for 
                         interaction with 3D objects with color (RGB) information and hand 
                         poses recognition. The interaction target is those made by one 
                         person with a single webcam. In this study, we intend to evaluate 
                         the use of commonly available algorithms to implement a pose 
                         acquisition scheme and present a comparative study of 
                         classification algorithms to achieve a low-cost and real-time 
                         interaction. Preliminary results demonstrate satisfactory 
                         performance with the hand pose acquisition scheme and 
                         classification algorithms, pointing to a real-time interaction 
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