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             abstract = "This paper introduces a new method for multi-object segmentation 
                         in images, named as Hierarchical Layered Oriented Image Foresting 
                         Transform (HLOIFT). As input, we have an image, a tree of 
                         relations between image objects, with the individual high-level 
                         priors of each object coded in its nodes, and the objects' seeds. 
                         Each node of the tree defines a weighted digraph, named as layer. 
                         The layers are then integrated by the geometric interactions, such 
                         as inclusion and exclusion relations, extracted from the given 
                         tree into a unique weighted digraph, named as hierarchical layered 
                         digraph. A single energy optimization is performed in the 
                         hierarchical layered weighted digraph by Oriented Image Foresting 
                         Transform (OIFT) leading to globally optimal results satisfying 
                         all the high-level priors. We evaluate our framework in the 
                         multi-object segmentation of medical and synthetic images, 
                         obtaining results comparable to the state-of-the-art methods, but 
                         with low computational complexity. Compared to multi-object 
                         segmentation by min-cut/max-flow algorithm, our approach is less 
                         restrictive, leading to globally optimal results in more general 
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