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                         challenging task in computer graphics. The existing approximate 
                         solutions for soft shadow computation are prone to aliasing 
                         artifacts for small penumbra sizes and banding or light leaking 
                         artifacts for large penumbra sizes. In this paper, we aim to 
                         minimize these problems with the use of a normalized Euclidean 
                         distance transform for soft shadow mapping. We compute 
                         anti-aliased hard shadows in the camera view, and, on the basis of 
                         the percentage-closer soft shadows framework, we estimate the 
                         penumbra size of the shadow silhouette and compute a filtered 
                         normalized Euclidean distance transform to generate the soft 
                         shadows at the penumbra location. Our approach yields real-time 
                         performance and generates soft shadows with less artifacts than 
                         related work.",
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