%0 Conference Proceedings
%T Image Relighting Using Shading Proxies
%D 2015
%A Henz, Bernardo,
%A Oliveira, Manuel M.,
%@affiliation UFRGS
%@affiliation UFRGS
%E Segundo, Maurício Pamplona,
%E Faria, Fabio Augusto,
%B Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, 28 (SIBGRAPI)
%C Salvador
%8 Aug. 26-29, 2015
%I Sociedade Brasileira de Computação
%J Porto Alegre
%S Proceedings
%K image relighting, painting relighting, normal-map estimation, shading transferring.
%X We present a practical solution to the problem of single-image relighting of objects with arbitrary shapes. It is based on a shading-ratio image obtained from some user-provided guess of the original and target illuminations. Our approach is flexible and robust, being applicable to objects with non-uniform albedos and arbitrary shapes, as well as to non-photorrealistic depictions. We demonstrate its effectiveness by relighting many photographs, paintings, and drawings containing a variety of objects of different materials. Additionally, our technique can transfer smooth normal and depth maps from 3-D models to pictures. Preliminary evaluation has shown that our approach is intuitive, allowing novice users to relight images in just a couple of minutes.
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