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             abstract = "The invariance of geometric properties is a crucial factor in many 
                         areas of Mathematics, particularly in Computer Graphics. The 
                         affine geometry has occupied a significant place in this field of 
                         application, having an intermediate position between euclidean and 
                         projective geometries. The affine geometry is a generalization of 
                         the euclidean geometry, but it is simpler than projective 
                         geometry, both from the analytical and computational point of 
                         view. It can be used to describe many common operations in 
                         Computer Graphics. However, we did not find in literature 
                         estimators for affine geometric properties in discrete surfaces. 
                         The proposal of this work is to search for affine invariants in 
                         these surfaces, beginning with an estimate of the affine normal 
                         vector. This estimate was obtained from a discrete representation 
                         of the surface using as elements pieces of paraboloids instead of 
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