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             abstract = "Image segmentation, such as to extract an object from a 
                         background, is very useful for medical and biological image 
                         analysis. In this work, we propose new methods for interactive 
                         segmentation of multidimensional images, based on the Image 
                         Foresting Transform (IFT), by exploiting for the first time 
                         non-smooth connectivity functions (NSCF) with a strong theoretical 
                         background. The new algorithms provide global optimum solutions 
                         according to an energy function of graph cut, subject to 
                         high-level boundary constraints (polarity and shape), or consist 
                         in a sequence of paths' optimization in residual graphs. Our 
                         experimental results indicate substantial improvements in accuracy 
                         in relation to other state-of-the-art methods, by allowing the 
                         customization of the segmentation to a given target object.",
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