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             abstract = "Most curvilinear reformatting algorithms are not processed on 
                         native space, which makes them inappropriate to be used for 
                         neuronavigation purposes. In this work, we present an interactive 
                         curvilinear reformatting algorithm that is performed in native 
                         space. The user selects the desired regions. Then, they are 
                         sampled in order to build their corresponding meshes, which are 
                         representations of the selected regions. A single complete mesh is 
                         formed by zippering the meshes that overlap each other. After 
                         that, we use an offset algorithm to crop the region corresponding 
                         to the complete mesh. In this work we present two algorithms: the 
                         zippering and the offset algorithms, which allow us to do larger 
                         crops in the brain in interactive time.",
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