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                         many approaches in the literature. One is to measure the BRDF of 
                         the material, which is time and resource consuming. One 
                         alternative is to use a linear combination of an existent 
                         BRDF-basis to approximate the material's appearance. However, the 
                         renderization of many BRDF-basis is also consuming, which could be 
                         eased by selecting a subset of the materials and use them as 
                         basis. Clustering algorithms can perform this task, by grouping 
                         BRDFs in clusters, where just one BRDF can represent one entire 
                         cluster. We use two classical and one evolutionary clustering 
                         algorithms to reduce the number of terms in the linear combination 
                         and a NNLS procedure to estimate the contributions of each 
                         BRDF-base in the reproduction of a desired material.",
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