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             abstract = "Due to growing use of information technology resources for all 
                         spheres of society, the demand for security, reliability and 
                         integrity, also grew up. Particularly the safety authentication, 
                         oriented to the user. There are currently available several types 
                         of authentication such as fingerprint, facial recognition, voice, 
                         retina, iris, and others, which are known in the literature as 
                         biometrics. Through this work it was developed a new methodology 
                         for human identification based on wrist veins structure. Samples 
                         were collected using a prototype of infrared band. Then, it was 
                         used the LBP (Local Binary Pattern) in the description step of the 
                         attributes for this samples, comparing the histograms of LBP code 
                         of the respective classes and calculating the system sensitivity. 
                         The results suggest that this peculiarity can be used to identify 
                         human beings.",
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