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             abstract = "The lung cancer is the major causer of cancer worldwide and allied 
                         to this, medical imaging production has been increasingly growing 
                         in the medical field. To combat these two challenges, the 
                         Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) tool can provide decision 
                         support to experts, enabling them find similar images in a 
                         database of images from a reference image. However, a crucial step 
                         of CBIR is the stage of Image Similarity Analysis (ISA), and one 
                         of the ISAs challenge is the processing time to perform all 
                         comparisons. This article presents a performance comparison 
                         between two techniques of attributes: 3D Texture Attributes and 3D 
                         Margin Sharpness, and also both concatenated, both in CPU and in 
                         GPU with the use of the OpenCL framework, and the Manhattan 
                         Distance to do the comparisons of similarity.",
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