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                         capabilities have made applicable the solutions of a wide range of 
                         problems regarding image processing and computer vision. Among the 
                         most interesting tasks in this field of expertise, there are 
                         several face related problems. Many works have been proposed to 
                         solve problems such as face recognition, expression and age 
                         estimation, facial reconstruction, etc. Those works have a large 
                         potential to be explored in applications ranging from computer 
                         graphics to security and, even, medical software. This work 
                         proposes a method to automatic locate and identify a set of facial 
                         landmarks. The goal is to quickly provide precise and helpful 
                         information for plastic surgery procedures. The proposal, after 
                         implemented and tested on over 400 images, presented encouraging 
                         results for aesthetic analysis. Besides, it brings a novel 
                         methodology to locating specific landmarks needed for planning 
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