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             abstract = "This work aims to build a comparison basis for analyzing global 
                         illumination methods. We have compared six state-of-the-art global 
                         illumination methods, ranging from Monte Carlo Path Tracing 
                         techniques to Density Estimation methods such as Progressive 
                         Photon Mapping, and the mixture approach Vertex Connection and 
                         Merging, using nine test scenes with very different 
                         characteristics, including many different light types, 
                         illumination conditions and BRDFs, exploring many different light 
                         scattering events. In order to compare results, the perceptual 
                         quality metrics SSIM and HDR-VDP-2 were used. We provide a 
                         complete set of convergence rate curves and results for all test 
                         scenes and all analyzed methods. We also discuss strategies to 
                         generate reference images for each case. We concluded that in 
                         general cases the overhead introduced by BPT and VCM is well 
                         compensated by the quality of the produced images, however VCM can 
                         handle more interesting effects. We also showed there are usual 
                         cases such as interiors with strong indirect illumination in which 
                         Light Tracing method excels.",
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