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             abstract = "We present a system for creating interactive exploded view 
                         diagrams in generalized 3D grids. The primary difference between 
                         our approach and existing ones is that our technique neither 
                         requires geometrical information of the whole model nor any 
                         information regarding the relationship among model parts; instead 
                         our implementation depends on which grid cells are considered as 
                         object of interest, and which view angle to use. To achieve this, 
                         we introduce the Explosion Tree, a data structure closely related 
                         to a BSP tree, which supports the explosion view diagrams 
                         technique based on the relationship between disjoint convex 
                         polygons. In this paper we discuss the application of this 
                         technique to Corner-Point Grid which has been extensively used for 
                         geological modeling and flow simulation. All the data presented in 
                         this work consists of real data currently used in the industry.",
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